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Journey Across America

Last summer, I rode my bike over 4000 miles from Oregon to Virginia.  I had the most awesome support crew anyone could ever hope for, Rachel and Romero.  We documented our journey on our Ride Across America blog, but I thought I’d share this photo essay that I put together from that experience.

The beginning of a life-changing adventure is about to unfold along this transamerica bike trail

The journey has begun and at the end of the day you find this great location to pitch a tent, cook dinner and just breathe.

Along the way, there are multiple opportunities to re-live history. Here you can reflect on the gold rush days and imagine this train full of bustling passengers arriving in Virginia City.

It’s not just about riding your bike, you must also participate in all that this wonderful country of ours has to offer. Here in Idaho you can stop and do a bit of fly-fishing, unless you’re vegan and then you just take in the breathtaking beauty of it all.

With so many ghost towns scattered across the country, this one might be better named “Bearly Beginning”… At least for the east-bound traveller.

With every massive and grueling climb, nature rewards you with peaceful settings like this.

Every morning as you begin your morning ritual of getting in the groove for a day of riding, the cows are up to greet you and say good morning with a smile.

Just take your time to stop and engage with nature and try to understand how this place came to be. Earthquake Lake inside Yellowstone National Park has a history and it’s on this path that you will learn so much about our past.

At times, the roads are lonely, but that is when mother nature provides awesome distractions, right on cue, like these great cloud formations.

The weather can really heat up and take your breath away, so finding nice cool places like the Platte River give you some refuge.

Just like the rest of us, these wild elk are just planning their next meal.

Take it in and find the strength to continue even as it starts to feel like it might be too hard.

The mighty mountain ranges shoot up into the sky with such force. You’ll likely feel lucky that you won’t be ascending this great giant, but there are many others that you will conquer.

You might find it hard to ride through Damascus, VA. This is the jumping off point for so many trails that are just calling your name. Stop and enjoy the trails here, it’s a nice break from the saddle.

As the sun rises on the last day, you know this journey is about to come to an end.

Finally reaching your destination, there is no way you want to go back to your desk job. So just keep on riding, there are so many more paths to follow.

















Following a Dream

I am taking a break right now and following a dream I’ve had for 11 years.  That dream is to ride my bicycle across the US.  I began the journey on June 30 and today I drove through Nevada City, MT.  You can follow me on my journey here at

Train in Nevada City

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