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I’ve been playing with various photographic compositional techniques over the past few weeks.  Here are some shots that show you what I’ve been up to.


Here is my hero shot, taken on a hike in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

So, the hero shot is taken from below, so here’s a shot taken from a trail we were hiking high above the roads on the Amalfi Coast a couple of months ago.


The focal point of this image is the lemurs face, which is positioned according to the rule of thirds.

And one more example from Kenya…


Walking along the tracks in Dunsmuir, CA.


Here is an image I’ve posted before on this site, but clearly demonstrates the concept.

Picture of Ladybug



An image from Matera, Italy

Matera Sassi


This is perhaps, one of my favorite ways to shoot.  In fact, I usually have to force myself to take a horizontal shot where most people I know are forcing themselves to take the vertical.

There are loads of other examples I could post here and one day, I just might do that.  I’ve played with cropping and isolation techniques, filling the frame (another of my favorites), emphasizing foregrounds, finding patterns in nature and demonstrating scale.  All very fun and useful techniques.







Picturing Ladybugs

Well, I was on a mission these last few days.  We have an abundance of ladybugs on our property here in Carpinteria, so I’ve been trying to find the time to take a few pictures of them.  This morning after my run, I had just a little time, so here is my first ever picture of a ladybug.

Picture of Ladybug


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