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Camera Settings – Difficult Lighting

For the 4th section of Chapter 3, this is a demonstration of how to handle a difficult lighting situation.

Exposed for Sky

Exposed for foreground

Tonemapped Image


Camera Settings – ISO

For the third part of chapter 3, this is a demonstration of the graininess that occurs at higher ISO levels:




Camera Settings – Aperture

For the second part of Chapter 3, here is a demonstration of the effects of Aperture – note the depth of field in the images.

f/22 1/60s ISO100

f/4 1/2000s ISO200


Camera Settings – Shutter Speed

For chapter 3, this is the first part of the assignment demonstrating the effects of changing shutter speed.

f/22 1/350 ISO800 105mm

f/22 1/20 ISO125 105mm



So, our boy, Romero was diagnosed a week ago with stage 4 lymphoma.  He is 4 years old and, of course, the sweetest boy you’ve ever met.  He has up to 4 months to live, if he’s lucky.  Today was a good day for him.  He helped crack walnuts with Rachel and even got to taste a few.

We love him so much and he will be missed when he’s gone, but for now, we will enjoy every last day with him.

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