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Peaceful Peleliu

It is probably time for another visit to Palau and the surrounding islands.  Here is a scene from a very peaceful evening spent along the shore of Peleliu as the day comes to an end.

Peaceful Peleliu


Remembering Angaur

A few years ago, Rachel and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the tiny limestone island of Angaur.  To get there, one must catch a boat from Koror.  The boat travels a couple of times a week to the island, weather permitting.  Once you arrive in Angaur, it feels as if you have been transported in time, not necessarily back in time or forward in time, but just to a different time.  It is slower in Angaur with very few cars and very few people.  Most walk or ride bikes and there really aren’t any tourist shops or restaurants or hotels.  It is just plain beautiful.  Of the islands we visited, Angaur was the most peaceful.

Angaur Coastline

Traveling to Angaur

Lively Coast of Angaur

Trees of Angaur



Looking Forward

Well, it is December here in Carpinteria, California.  Now, to me, it’s downright freezing outside.  Today, we barely made it to the mid-60s.  Every winter I struggle a bit to stay motivated and focused on things that are important to me and this winter is really no different at all.  It doesn’t help when I run across old photos of where I was during Christmas of 2009.

We were in Palau where the temperature rarely drops below 70 degrees and more often than not, it was in the 80s and 90s.  But this year we are here in Carpinteria for the entire winter.  So, I’m finding different ways of staying motivated.  Luckily for me, I have an exceptional girlfriend that tends to motivate me everyday to get out there and exercise, even in the cold, and just move.  I also have several projects that I have my hands in right now and for me, having too many projects tends to paralyze me. Especially if the sun doesn’t come out!

The one thing that always tends to help is to make a list and prioritize it and just start working through it.  Once I get started, I have no problem focusing and staying on track.  So, today, I made my book project my priority and worked on that.   Tomorrow, I will put my portfolio first and the next day I will work on my garden and the next will be something different.  See, I have to mix things up and not work on the same thing everyday.   How do you handle the winter-time blues?


Images of Palau

Remembering back to our days in Palau…

Memories of Palau

Memories of Palau


missing palau

as many of you know, my girlfriend and i traveled to palau in may of 2008 and had the most amazing experiences. see, we set out to kayak through the 300 or so (i didn’t actually count them) islands on our own for the month of may. ya, well, remember cyclone nargis? to make a very long story, very short… this storm nearly killed us in our little kayaks out there in the middle of no-where. no boats were allowed on the water – so no water rescue possible, but anyway – we survived to tell about.

just to show how dense, i mean smart, we really are, we came home and while stand-up paddling here in santa barbara – we decided we’d like to move to palau for awhile. so we packed up our bags and moved on over to palau in november of 2008. it was a 9 month summer. and i’m here to say now that it’s the middle of december and fricken freezing – that i really miss palau and our friends.

i miss the water and warmth and the friendships and i hope someday to return to the region. you can see a bunch of our photos from these trips at our travel photo website.

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