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Another image from Uganda.  Would love to get back there and see the gorillas again.


Uganda Waterfall

One of many waterfalls we came across during a trek in Uganda.  I’d like to return to Uganda someday soon, specifically to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest.   What a peaceful place and some of the best trekking we’ve experienced.


Hiking in Uganda

I was browsing through my photographs from a trip we took in 2010 to see the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.  Trekking through the mountains in search of the beasts was such an incredible adventure.  It was so peaceful and unconnected.  I didn’t want to leave and would enjoy an opportunity to return someday to see how the gorillas are doing.


We trekked through very steep terrain without any visible signs of a trail.  Every so often, we would spot the gorillas off in the distance and so we would change direction and head straight up or straight down a mountain to attempt to catch up with them or get on the opposite side so they would wander directly in our path.  Once we found them, we were able to spend an hour observing very quietly and this little one had us entertained as he hung from trees and posed for the cameras.



Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

Assignment 2

Research various magazines, publication outlets, competitions, and stock libraries that cater to the type of travel photographer you want to be and post a list of no more than 10 resources researched on your blog.

While I could spend some time researching things like magazines and publication outlets and stock libraries – these are not areas that I’m interested in.  I simply want to be the best travel photographer that I can be – for myself.  I do occasionally have an interest in competitions, so here is a short list for that area:





Images from Kenya

Rachel and I took a 7 week trip to Africa this past summer.  Our first stop was in Madagascar.  We volunteered with Azafady on a project where we were counting lemurs.  We’d set out each day and find a family of lemurs, attempt to identify them by their bits (male/female), watch their behavior for awhile and then move on to the next group.   Sifakas, or dancing lemurs, were my favorite, followed closely by the ring-tailed lemurs.

Ringtail Lemur

Following the trip to Madagascar, we went to South Africa to see the World Cup.  Ah, what an amazing time!  Full of energy and nothing but football fans everywhere you turned.  We were in the airport in Johannesburg when the fans from Mexico arrived – all decked out in huge sombreros, panchos and lots of singing!

Then we were off to Uganda to trek into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the mountain gorillas before they are gone from our planet.

Mountain Gorilla

Finally, we headed to Kenya.  We got off the plane in Nairobi and heard that the wildebeest migration had begun, so we skipped out on our plans to go to Mombasa and instead headed out on a two week venture to see the highlights in Kenya.

I’ll post pictures from all of these places, but today, we have my favorite of the lions we saw in Kenya.

Lion in Masai Mara, Kenya

To see all of our photos, head on over to Shutterfly and check them out!

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